DirektPress switches to Ifrågasätt

By March 25, 2019News

The commenting and discussion opportunities increase when DirektPress’s sites StockholmDirekt and GöteborgDirekt replaces Disqus with Ifrågasätt’s commenting service. The launch takes place today, November 5th.

Hampus Jarnlo, managing editor of StockholmDirekt.

Hampus Jarnlo, managing editor of StockholmDirekt.

– The commenting section is an important part of our local news reporting, but the comments have not always come into their own on StockholmDirekt. Ifrågasätt have proven that they can create a better climate of dialogue and thereby increase the value of our readers’ input, views and expertise. We’re looking forward to this new cooperation and are convinced that it will improve our products – both the site StockholmDirekt and other editions of DirektPress’ newspapers, says Hampus Jarnlo, managing editor for StockholmDirekt.

With DirektPress as a partner for Ifrågasätt synergies with Ifrågasätt’s other partners increase, and the benefits of using Ifrågasätt will be greater, since Ifrågasätt’s users can use the same user account to comment on DirektPress as they do on the rest of all Ifrågasätt-using sites.

Gustav Hjärn, CEO and founder of Ifrågasätt.

– We think local news reports are really important, and we believe more engagement from visitors and closer dialogue between readers and journalists will lead to both better news reporting and increased confidence in media. Ifrågasätt wants to play a key role in that process, says Gustav Hjärn, CEO and founder of Ifrågasätt.

Ifrågasätt delivers a commenting platform for media sites that enables flexible and convenient interaction between readers of digital news media while at the same time combating hate speech and cyber bullies. With Ifrågasätt’s algorithms and moderation tools Ifrågasätt is encouraging a fact-based and transparent debate and decorum. Visitors staying longer and returning more often give the sites more opportunities for increased revenue. Ifrågasätt is used on several Swedish news sites. In addition to DirektPress, Ifrågasätt is used on, amongst others, Dagens Nyheter’s, Göteborgs-Posten’s and Dagens industri’s websites, and more are coming.