Why are we here?

The Internet has brought huge opportunities for everyone to report on news, express their opinions, argue for their ideas and anonymously bring attention to abuses and abuses of power. It is a development that we need to protect and defend against restrictions.

On the other hand, the conversational climate on the Internet is getting harsher in many places. Most media companies chose to remove the comment fields on their websites as they were bombarded with hatred, harassment, and threats. This in turn affects readers who would otherwise like to express their opinions, but instead they often write only for like-minded people in social media or are silent.

We believe that this is a democratic problem. We need both to uphold the right to be anonymous when the situation demands it, while creating platforms that are welcoming to everyone who wants to participate, and where users can feel confident that harassment is taken seriously.

From this problem a seed was sown: Why not create a debate site where people can speak freely, but with an ambition to promote serious discussions? Or better yet, why not create a platform that transfers the debate to where it was previously – on the websites of the media houses?

We want to fight cyber bullying while improving the economy of media companies.

What do we want?

Our ambition is to make it easier for people to express their opinions online while at the same time reducing hatred. We want to contribute to democracy by promoting an open debate. At the same time, we want to strengthen the relationship between our customers and their readers.

We want a conversational climate that encourages people to share their opinions and sharpen their arguments against each other. A conversational climate where trolls and cyber bullying are a thing of the past.

We mainly focus on two target groups. Partly to media companies and companies that want to increase interaction on their websites and build closer relationships with their visitors, and to all people who want to express their views online and who want to participate in open debates and serious discussions.

How do we distinguish ourselves from others?

We are not part of traditional social media. Too many social media sites strain at gnats and swallow camels when it comes to threats, hatred and harassment by letting illegal posts remain in spite of reported abuse, while harmless posts are removed without explanation.

Unlike many social media sites our goal is not to keep the users on our own sites with detrimental effects to our partners. Instead, we strive to make sure that our users want to spend time and interact with our partners’ sites.