Serious debates and increased traffic

Few things drive traffic, create engagement, and generate content in the same extent as article comments. The main purposes of Ifrågasätt’s commenting platform – designed for news media sites are: Increasing traffic Creating engagement Generating content on publishers’ web pages by allowing readers to comment and discuss articles

The platform creates incentives for a serious and qualitative debate that takes place under increased transparency and with focus on facts, not fake news. Since the launch with our first partner in August 2017, we have seen that reading time increases for articles with comments, and visitors come back several times to the same article. That is why Ifrågasätt has become Sweden’s leading commenting solution, used by several of the Nordics’ largest newspapers.

The platform gives readers access to more perspectives and deeper analysis of articles, while reducing the distance between writers and readers. The platform achieves these things by identifying all users during registration and thereby removing anonymity, by automatically analyzing the comments and suggesting changes in expressions and wordings when they might go against Ifrågasätt’s rules, and through a centralized manual moderation supported by automated text analysis.

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Increase the value of existing business models

By enabling serious and qualitative article comments in a cost-effective way, the platform drives traffic to the customer’s own page. This increases the life expectancy of each published article, while increasing the number of returning visitors.

An active comment flow also creates more content on each page. This attracts not only new visits and increases the visitors’ reading time, but also creates natural places for ads. Depending on the agreement, the partner may have the opportunity to handle and control placement of ads among the comments. Ifrågasätt also offers a contract with an advertising solution where Ifrågasätt handles everything related to ads, from contracts to publishing, and where revenue is shared between the partner and Ifrågasätt.

More traffic to you, and only to you

Ifrågasätt’s commenting service can be used with social media platforms to increase the sharing of articles and comments.
Unlike for social media platforms the purpose of the commenting service is to help increasing the number of visitors to the partner’s website, keep them there, and make sure they return frequently.

Ifrågasätt, therefore, does not have any conflict of interests with our customers that social media sites have in the form of an incentive to attract user traffic to their own sites. The platform’s focus is always that traffic should go to the site owner’s own pages, not to Ifrågasätt.

Keeping the same philosophy, the platform is developed to remind and provide users with notices of new comments and interesting articles on customers’ pages.