Transparent debates

When you use Ifrågasätt you can rest assured that others who comment are the people they claim to be. Our partners may allow you to use an alias on their websites, but normally everyone comments under their own name. This makes it easier for you, for example, to assess the credibility of certain claims. More functionality to facilitate assessment of sources will be introduced by hand.

Easy to use

With an Ifrågasätt account, you can comment on all Ifrågasätt’s partners’ websites. If you are logged in with one of our partners, you are logged in with everyone.

You can also easily share your comment as a link on social media. Those who click on the link will come to your comment in direct connection to the article you have commented on, so the context becomes clear.

Freedom with responsibility

Everyone has the opportunity to comment, as long as you follow the respective website’s rules and applicable laws. However, if you see any comment that may be a violation of our rules, you can report it to us. If an Ifrågasätt user is being exposed to a crime by another user, the chances of getting redress are greater for the victim, compared to many other platforms.

If you do not comply with the rules, you can be banned and lose the opportunity to comment, and if someone is committing a criminal offence, relevant information can be delivered to the responsible authority. This means the protection for you as a user is better even before something unpleasant occurs, and the opportunities to get help if you are a victim of, for example, illegal threats or slander are better.