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Ifrågasätt helps publishers increase their users’ and readers’ engagement via quality comments and live-blogging solutions. Solutions trusted by leading publishers.

Increase engagement, increase revenue 

Solutions with proven results of increased engagement, reading time, pageviews and loyalty.


Increased reading time

High quality user-created content increases the time spent on your site.

Increased revenue

Monetize the user engagement and content, and increase revenue with increased reading time, pageviews and loyalty. 

Increased pageviews

User engagement increases the return frequency of users, and the life span of your content. 

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Engagement through quality comments

Increase your readers’ loyalty, reading time and visiting frequency with Ifrågasätt’s all-in-one plug-and-play commenting solution. A commenting solution proven to create better and more valuable comments, free from hate speech and trolls.

Ifrågasätt’s commenting solution is not only a technical solution for comments, but also includes 24/7 AI + human moderation, user management and verification, engagement management and full hosting and support. The solution is easily implemented with minimum need of coding, making it possible to get up and running without expensive development projects and hiring of moderators.


Engagement through live blogging

Ifrågasätt’s solution for live blogging brings you and your readers a user-friendly, modern, mobile first and state-of-the-art experience for breaking news, sport and much more.

Its innovative features, together with its ease of implementation, light weight and its possibility for customization, makes it a product ready for the future of engagement.



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Trusted by leading publishers

Trusted by leading publishers and several of the Nordics’ largest media houses.

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Ifrågasätt has been a good partner for Dagens Nyheter in the effort of developing a high-quality engagement platform with a high level of integrity. It is an important part of our work towards longer reading time, more returning visitors and less churn, and our goal of satisfied and loyal readers on our digital platforms.

Martin Jönsson, Head of editorial development, Dagens Nyheter

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