Create a fruitful debate

Ifrågasätt’s services are targeted towards newspapers, blogs and other media websites who want to engage their readers on their own websites. Ifrågasätt’s first product is a commenting service that enables reader comments on, for example, debate articles, editorials, news articles, and on live reports. Ifrågasätt’s services have been proven to increase reader engagement, read time, and loyalty for the customers of Ifrågasätt.

For the reader Ifrågasätt enables a lot of opportunities for interaction with journalists and other readers, without risk of being exposed to threats and cyber bullies.

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Increased value with comments

Dedicated and frequently returning visitors are valuable to the owner of a website. For you as a publisher, Ifrågasätt’s commenting service helps you enable reader comments without problems with trolls and hate speech. The commenting service is a one stop shop where Ifrågasätt takes care of development, service, administration, moderation, identifying questions and help with fact checking, and engagement increasing measures.

In addition to the journalistic benefits the comments bring, comments also increase the economic values of articles that have comments. The increased value comes from increased traffic, longer read times and more returning readers, and the possibility of ad revenue from ads between the comments.

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Participate in the debate

For you as a reader, the comment platform makes it possible for you to enjoy and express your opinions on, for example, news articles, submitters, debate articles or editorials. The goal is to make it easy for you to seriously argue your positions, while you can take part of other people’s thoughts. An Ifrågasätt account gives you the opportunity to participate and comment on all connected media, such as magazines and blogs, without having to register on each page.

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