About half of the commentators use an alias

By June 28, 2019Insights

Share of users who comment using an aliasWith Ifrågasätt’s commenting service you can create and comment using an alias instead of your own name. But it is up to each website to decide if an alias can be used to comment a specific article. The diagram shows the share of users who use an alias to comment, when an alias can be used to comment. As you can see, about a third of the users used an alias when we launched the commenting service, but when the service had been running for about a year the alias usage stabilised around 50 percent. In addition, some of the users who use an alias has an alias that is close to their real name, like a nickname. Ifrågasätt knows the identity of our users, regardless of whether they comment using an alias or their own name. That is one of the reasons that the quality of the comments published using an alias is just as high as comments published using a real name.

Some commenters have contacted us and telling us that everyone should use their real name, and that aliases should not be allowed. About the same amount of users have contacted us and think, contrariwise, that everyone should be forced to use an alias instead of their real name, because of privacy reasons. It’s hard to, at the same time at least, make everyone happy, but we think that we have found a balance between transparency and privacy.