No difference between alias and real name with Ifrågasätt

By June 28, 2019Insights

Deleted comments, real names and aliasesIfrågasätt removes about 1-2 percent of the comments that are published each month.

Since Ifrågasätt launched the commenting service in August 2017, the share of comments being removed written using an alias or real name have fluctuated, but during the past year it has stabilised at about 50 percent. This has been expected since Ifrågasätt knows who the users are, regardless of whether they comment using an alias or using their real name. The reason for using an alias is therefore not because the users think that they are anonymous and kan break the user guidelines without consequences, but that the user for some reason is not comfortable with showing their real name to the world.

About to thirds of the comments that are deleted break Ifrågasätts guidelines (for example that they are off topic or are demeaning to other people). A quarter of the comments that are removed are removed because of technical reasons, for example if they have been published prematurely, are duplicates of already published comments, or that they are published beneath the wrong article. The rest (about nine percent) is removed by the user (which can be done within ten minutes after publication if no reply has been published by then).