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Guest User in Direkt

Direkt is a live-reporting solution developed by Ifrågasätt and used by several publishers. The tool allows journalists to report live from sport events, press conferences etc. Direkt can also be used by invited guests to e.g. answer readers’ questions, i.e. Q&A.

A guest will be invited to a specific broadcast for a limited period of time. The guest will receive an email with information regarding the broadcast and a link to the broadcast. 

If more help is needed, feel free to reach out to the publisher or the Ifrågasätt team via email or phone +46 (0)40 370 360.

Important information regarding credentials

The link sent in the invitation to a guest is confidential and contains personalized security credentials. It should be handled with care. Please do not share the link. Notify the publisher if it has been leaked by mistake.


When a guest clicks on the link to Direkt included in the invitation email, the guest will be redirected to a web page similar to the example below.

Guest Intro

On desktop, the broadcast view is divided into two sections. The left section is for writing and viewing published reports (report view). The right section is for managing comments, tweets etc (function view).

On mobile, the view is optimized for publishing reports only and differs from the view on desktop. For example, the function view is as default not available on mobile. Consequently, it is currently not possible to use the mobile view for publishing comments or Q/A:s.

In the broadcast view on desktop, there is also a menu available on the top right. Depending on the current broadcast settings, the menu options might differ. 



1 – View the broadcast – By clicking on the broadcast icon, a new window will open in the browser that will display the broadcast in the same way the readers will see it. 

2 – Text editor for report  – The text editor for reports allows a user to write and publish reports in the broadcast. 

3 – Report view – In the report view, all published reports and comments are displayed. 

4 – Function menu – By clicking on the different menu options, it is possible to navigate between the functions in the function view. The available options are Comments, Tweets and Users. 

5 – Function view – The function view displays the selected functionality, e.g. functionality for managing comments, tweets and users. 


Text editor for reports

The text editor for reports allows a user to write and publish reports to the broadcast.  To publish a broadcast, a user may write the report in the form and click on the Publish button. It is also possible to publish a report via the keyboard key combination shift-enter.

Formating Guests

In the text editor, it is possible to format the report and to include links, images and video via the following functions:

Text style – The user can select between different text styles. E.g. Title and Body. The user also has the option to make the text Bold, Italic and strikethrough. To format the text, the user selects a word or section and click on the icon.

Lists – The user can create lists in the form. Lists can be numbered or bulleted.

Link – The user can create a link in the report. To do this, the user selects a text that will be the link and clicks on the link icon in the menu. There, the user can enter the full link, including e.g. https://, and click save.
All links will be opened in a new window when clicked in the client.

Image – The user can upload and include an image or photo in the report. To do this, the user clicks on the photo icon and selects the image to use. All images uploaded to the system will be optimized in regards to size and compression.

Video – The user can upload or include a video in the report. To do this, the user clicks on the film icon. Next, the user can either enter a link to (e.g. a Youtube video), or browse and upload a video clip. The maximum file size for upload is 30 MB.

    Readers comments


    If reader comments are enabled on the current broadcast a comment icon will be available in the top right menu on the broadcast. In the reader comments view, all non-deleted unpublished comments are listed. When a reader submits a new comment, it will be added to the bottom of the list.

    For each comment listed, the commentator name, time of submission and comment text content is displayed. This information is non-editable.

    It’s also possible to publish (<) or delete (x) the comment. This is done via the menu on the top right of each comment.

    If a comment is deleted, it will be removed from the comments view. It is not possible to undo the deletion of a comment.

    It is also possible to publish a reply to a comment prior to publishing the comment. To do this, the user clicks on the reply icon (speech balloons) in the menu on the top right of each comment. A text editor will appear where the reply can be written. To publish the comment including the response, the user can click the Publish button in the bottom right of the editor.

    Edit or delete a report 


    It is possible to edit and delete a published report. To edit or delete a report, the user clicks on the corresponding icon on the menu on the top right available on the report.   


    It is possible to embed tweets in a report. To do this, the user clicks on the Tweet icon in the the main menu. In the Twitter view, it’s possible to search and embed tweets up to seven days old.
    The search fileds allows a user to search for tweets by twitter user and/or text content in the tweet. It is also possible to sort the results based on publication time (default) or popularity. After clicking search, a list of tweets matching the criteria will be displayed. To embed a tweet from the result list, the user clicks on the Embed button below the selected tweet.



    If the user clicks on the User icon in the main menu, all active users in the broadcast will be displayed in a list. Users are split into two sections: guests and regular Direkt-users. 

    The guest users profile profile picture and display name will be visible under the guests section. If the guest wishes to change the profile picture and/or display name, they may do so by contacting the broadcast publisher.